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User blogs

The Challenges of Salesforce Lightning Test Automation

Krupa Shree | May 1 | Rate: 4
Being an extensively accepted CRM application by over 150,000 companies, Salesforce has gained its customer's trust by providing 'Salesforce customer 360' experience that includes simplified sales processes, organized customer support, managed unified marketing platform, and a lot more. As the Lightning Experience gains traction among...

How I became a Solution Architect in less than 5 years!

Dipojjal Chakrabarti | May 1 | Rate: 5
The Story: After reading the  first part of my success story  on the famous blog sfdc99, many have requested me to explain what I'm doing right now and when will I reveal the remaining story since the previous part does not cover everything. I have received several requests asking me to explain how I became an architect in...

Developing The Architect Mindset

Overview: Before you aim to become an architect, it is essential to think, respond and act like an architect. So how do we know how an architect thinks? How do we build a similar mindset? What are the things that an architect does and how to we prepare ourselves? This is exactly what I would help you understand.   Preparing...

Why start a career with Salesforce?

Salesforce has been a pioneer in the cloud industry ever since the cloud industry started growing in early 2000. Why is it so? Why does the market value Salesforce so much? The principle reason why Salesforce has been gaining so much traction from the beginning is that people want hassle-free experiences across devices. They want to be able...

How to start your career with Salesforce?

Dipojjal Chakrabarti | Apr 30 | Rate: 5
Since you're here, you might already be knowing why you want to start your career with Salesforce. If not, I recommend you to first read through my article  why start your career with Salesforce  first before deciding to start your career with Salesforce so that you have a direction for your future and know why you're getting into...