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Be a Salesforce CHAMPION - part of the path to mastery

  • Hello Trailblazers,

    It's been close to a year since I joined the Lightning Champions list. It has been a very rewarding experience since I became a Champion, supporting communities and sharing expertise on the Lightning platform.

    Most notably, I saw many trailblazers approaching me to learn how to become a Lightning Champion. So this blog entry is for those to comprehend the way towards turning into a Champion.

    Salesforce has a strong tradition of recognizing and acknowledging salesforce professionals as its champions. With its trailhead mascot characters and the idea of blazing trails, there is a truly unique tradition in the Salesforce community. If you are part of the Salesforce ecosystem, you have definitely heard of "Ohana" (meaning family), which can be described as the dedication of Salesforce staff, partners , and customers to the community. They launched the Champions program in 2018  to showcase "Trailblazers" who do more with emerging Salesforce products.

    Ready to be a CHAMPION?

    If you are a Salesforce enthusiast and Do you have expertise in various domains in the salesforce eco-system then you can choose to apply to any one of the related Champions programs by salesforce.

    As of today, Salesforce is running below 4 types of champions program.

    1. Salesforce Lightning Champions Programs (Salesforce Lightning Activation Champion & Salesforce Lightning App Dev Champion)
    2. Salesforce Marketing Champions Programs
    3. Salesforce Einstein Champions Programs
    4. Salesforce Analytics Champions Programs

    If you would like to become a champion, it’s as simple as 1-2-3!


    Complete the pre-requisites, watch out for the application period, and apply for the champion program you are interested in and eligible for.

    Here are the details for each salesforce champion programs with respective official salesforce website links.

    Salesforce Lightning Champion

    If you are passionate about lending your expertise and helping your peers and clients for a smooth transition in their journey to Lightning experience or if you are passionate about showing others how fun and easy it is to build apps on the Customer 360 platform with Lightning Experience. Then, this is the program you should apply to.

    The Lightning Champion program gives you two paths to choose from – you can choose either one of them

    Be a Trailblazer, share your expertise and help others blaze their trail.

    Meet the Champions @!page=1

    Website Link:

    The application period will open in December 2020. Fill out the survey linked below if you'd like us to notify you when the application goes live:

    Salesforce Marketing Champion

    If you are a data enthusiast at heart and a marketer at work. Love mentoring, optimizing client reporting, and reimagining how marketers can tell stories with their data makes a #MarketingChampion.If you are a Marketing Cloud, Pardot, or Datorama expert? Able to provide Real-world marketing cloud solutions? An active Trailblazer in the community who loves sharing knowledge and resources with others?

    If your answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’, then you should apply!

    Meet the Champions @!page=1

    Website Link:

    Salesforce Einstein Champion

    The Einstein Champions Program is for Trailblazers who want to share their advanced knowledge with peers while evangelizing the power of the Einstein Platform. Exploring how to utilize Einstein(AI)output in an organization’s activities. Help others to get smart with salesforce Einstein, AI which is transforming CRM with smart predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation

    Website Link:

    Meet the Champions @!page=1

    Applications are currently CLOSED. Please complete this form to be notified when applications re-open:

    Salesforce Analytics Champion

    The Analytics champions are the ones who Show others that analytics is a powerful business transformation tool that can help them get a career edge. Help customers make the right decision every time using analytics that go beyond business intelligence software. Spot opportunities, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and more with Tableau CRM. Visualize your entire business on a single screen.

    Website Link:

    Meet the Champions @!page=1

    Applications are currently CLOSED. Please complete this form to be notified when applications re-open:

    Once Salesforce accepts your nominations you will get the good news trickling in via an email on your registered email address


    Later once you are selected as a Champion, there will be a 2-3 month ramp-up period where you need to prove your expertise by doing related Champion activities, such as presenting at a Salesforce or Community Event relevant to the program that you are selected under, running a workshop, and so on. During your induction, you will get more details on this. To complete the ramp-up period, you need to record at least one of these activities. Once your activity is approved by the team, you are officially titled as a CHAMPION by the end of the ramp-up period.


    To be an active Salesforce (Lightning/ Marketing/ Einstein/Analytics) Champions you need to do the following activities:

    • Commit to a one-year enrollment with the program
    • Do below any one activity each quarter, including but not limited to:
    • speaking session
    • hands-on workshop
    • event booth staff shift
    • blog post (relevant to your champions programs)

    Being a Champion has its perks

    • Custom Swag (Hoodies, T-Shirts, Pins and Stickers)
    • Access to private Champions networking community group by salesforce
    • Special Invitation to private Champion events at Dreamforce and TrailheaDX
    • Exclusive opportunities to participate in Salesforce-sponsored events
    • Profile card with your name, photo and bio on respective meet the Champions site

    Championing is not risk-free and it takes vision, commitment and courage. The rewards are commensurably great

    Get the ball rolling! Earn super badges, tick off the items on the prerequisites list, keep a watch on application announcements and submit your applications.


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