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Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist

  • This challenge helps you develop a strategy to transition your org to Lightning Experience and roll out the new user interface to your users. Completing this super badge will give you some hands-on experience on how to enable the latest interface and exciting features packed in for your users.


    Firstly, to unlock this super badge you will need to complete the below badges/Modules

    1. Lightning Experience Rollout
    2. Lightning App Builder
    3. Build a suggestion Box App
    4. Lightning Experience Features


    • Create a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge
    • Install this unmanaged superbadge package (package ID 04t0Y0000025Nb3). This package includes the schema needed to complete the challenges.
    • Prepare your Trailhead Playground for this superbadge’s challenges.
    • From Setup in Salesforce Classic, override the account tab with the Accounts Tab Visualforce page, which is included in the superbadge package that you installed earlier.
    • Also in Salesforce Classic, add the TrailheaDX component to the DE Default Home Page layout.
    • User Creation:
      1. Name: John Wiseman

                    License: Salesforce user

                    Profile: Custom: Sales Profile profile

                2. Name: Paloma Espinoza

                    License: Salesforce Platform

                    Profile: Custom: Standard Platform User

    Let’s complete this superbadge step by step: (Do go through the business scenarios and do note of some high-level details. These points would really make it easy for us to solves the challenges)

    Challenge 1: Readiness Check, Optimizer and Profiles and Permission Sets

    Override the account tab with the Accounts Tab Visualforce page, which is included in the superbadge package that you installed earlier.

    1. From Setup–> Account–> Button Links and Actions–>Click on account tab–> Edit–>Override with Visualforce page Account Tab
    2. Go in Setup–> Home Page Layouts –> DE Default–> Edit–> Add Destination Success Registration.
    3. Create Two users.
      1.  Name: John Wiseman

         License: Salesforce user

         Profile: Custom: Sales Profile profile

      2. Name: Paloma Espinoza

        License: Salesforce Platform

        Profile: Custom: Standard Platform User

    4. Go to setup and click on Get Started on Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

    5. Select Next Step –> Check Readiness–>select both Sales and Service Cloud –> Receive emails –>Next Step

            –> Preview Lightning Experience –>Exit. Review the reports generated in the email.

    Create two Permission sets

      1. LightningExperiencePilotSales

                 Setup –>Quick find enter Permission Sets–>New–>name as LightningExperiencePilotSales.

                 System Permissions–> Edit Enable Lightning Experience User

                 Go to Manage Assignments–> Click on Add Assignments–>Add John Wiseman   

               2. LightningExperiencePilotCommunications

                Setup –>Quick find enter Permission Sets–>New–>name as LightningExperiencePilotCommunications.

                System Permissions–> Edit –> Enable Lightning Experience User–> Enable Hide Option to Switch to         Salesforce  Classic

                Go to Manage Assignments–> Click on Add Assignments–>Add Paloma Espinoza

    Time to validate Challenge 1 on the trailhead

    Challenge 2: quiz on the advantages of Lightning Experience 

    Challenge 3: Updating Visualforce pages for Lightning, Migration from Documents to Files

    Setup–>Visualforce page–>account tab–>override code with this one.

    <apex:page standardStylesheets=”false” standardController=”Account” recordSetVar=”accounts” tabStyle=”account”>
    <apex:slds />

    For documents,

    Documents Tab –>Lightning Transition Specialist Docs(Folder) –>Destination Success–> View–>Save(download)

    Files Tab –>Upload the file that was downloaded


    Challenge 4: Sales Path, Compact layouts

    Create 2 account record types (Custom Sales Profile, Partner Profile)

    Create 2 compact layouts

    • Custom Sales Profile and include the fields: Account Name, Employees, Phone, Rating and assign it to Record type: Custom Sales Profile
    • Create a compact layout Partner Profile and include the fields: Account Name, Type, Phone, Parent Account and assign it to Record type: Partner Profile

    Setup–> Path Setting–> Create New Path(Opportunity Path) and assign below-given values. Ensure that you add guidance for success values too and activate the path.


    Challenge 5: QUIZ TIME !!!!

    Challenge 6: Building a Lightning app, Basic Lightning Components, Lightning pages, Creating lightning pages for Chatter groups

    Go to Setup and in Quick Find, type Lightning App Builder, Click New, and give Label as Key Sales Data. Add Recent Items, in objects select Contacts, Opportunities, Leads.

    Add Filter List component from the left side component list. In the Filter List Component select Account and for filter value select ‘New This Week’.

    In properties, pane go to the page and select Log a Call and New Opportunity in action.

    • Go to App Manager and Create a lightning App ‘Communication’. Include Account, Chatter, reports and Dashboards tab only and assign to custom sales profile.
    • On group object, create a lightning page as a record page and use the following items on it. Page name = Group Record Page.
    • Add the following lightning components:

                Highlights Panel

                Record Detail


                Trending Topic

            Activate this page and assign it as Org Default.

    Create a chatter group with name ‘All Lusso Scarpe Employees’ and Description as “This group is for all Lusso Scarpe employees to collaborate and receive company announcements.” Make it a public group. All employees can join the group.

    Challenge 7: Includes Reports, report scheduling and Dashboard creation

    Create a summary report on Opportunity with report name Opportunities Pipeline. 

    Add Columns Opportunity Name, aggregate sum to Amount Column, aggregate sum to Expected Revenue Column.

    Then group by report with stage–> Type–> Probability and sum account field. date range all time. Save and run the report

    Click the Toggle Chart. Add funnel chart with stage and record count.

    Go to Opportunities Pipeline Report –>Click Subscribe–> Select weekly, Mon, 8:00 amà Send to and view as user John Wiseman

    Set it up so he receives refreshed report results by email every Monday at 8:00am.

    Go to any account record–> Go to Setup–>Click Edit page

    Add Report chart and in properties pane give Label as Opps by Stage 

    Create a Dashboard called ‘Sales Operations’ and a dashboard folder Sales Operations’. Make dashboard as logged in user save it sales operation folder and add filter on opportunity stage.

    • Horizontal bar chart called ‘Opp Probability by Stage’, showing probability by stage
    • Gauge called ‘Sum of Opportunity Amount’, showing the sum of revenue generated by all opportunities
    • Donut called ‘New and Existing Business’, showing the sum of revenue generated by new and existing business

    Challenge 8: Enabling Lightning Knowledge, Configuring Lightning Knowledge

    Go to your user and edit

    Check the Knowledge User checkbox if unchecked

    Go to Setup –> Quick find type Knowledge Settings

    Check the checkbox for Enable Lightning Knowledge

    Go to Setup –> Quick find type Knowledge

    Click Fields under Knowledge and click new under Custom Fields

    Create a field Question of datatype Text(255)

    Create a field Answer of datatype Rich Text Area(32768)

    Click Record Types under Knowledge


    Create 3 new record types: Community, FAQ, Product.

    Now go on Pagelayouts –> New.

    Create 3 pagelayouts faqpagelayoutproductpagelayout, and communitypagelayout and assign it to respective record types.

    Add question answer and record type field to all the 3 layouts.

    Go in Salesforce lightning. Click setup and then go app manager. click on new lightning app.

    Create a lightning App and named it Lightning Knowledge.

    In utility bar add history component.

    Selected tabs will case accounts and contacts.

    Go in lightning app builder–> New.

    Create a new home page name Org Home.

    Add Chatter feed, Today’s Tasks, upcoming events, recent items, smart scope recent records.

    Activate page and assign it as default for Org.      

    In Recent Items section from properties pane select Account, Contact and Case Objects and then save the layout

    Challenge 9: Quiz of Service cloud(lightning version) 

    Challenge 10:Includes Updating custom links in readiness for Lightning, Basic Lightning Components

    In Developer Console : File -> New -> Lightning Component

    Create a lightning component “DestinationSuccess”.

    Add the below code:

    <aura:component implements="force:appHostable,flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes,flexipage:availableForRecordHome,force:hasRecordId,forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes,force:lightningQuickAction" access="global" >
    	<ui:outputURL target="_blank" aura:id="url" label="TrailheaDX Registration" value=""/>


    Under Controller section in component and click on Controller and the below code needs to be written in the controller

        navigate : function(component, event, helper) {
             var address = component.find("address").get("v.myURL");
            var urlEvent = $A.get("e.force:navigateToURL");
          “url”: ‘’; + address


    In Lightning mode

    Go in setup–> App Manager–> App–> Sales lightning app—> Edit.

    Add newly created destination success component in utility bar.

    Go on Object manager –> Case –> Button links and Action–> New Action.

    Create an action with the name UpsellCrosssellOpportunity. Use lightning component CreateOppty and add this link to case layout.

    Create a Summary report from Campaign Influence report type with name Campaign Influence Lightning.

    Show all campaign. Add filter campaign name equals blank and campaign id equals blank.

    Sum Opportunity amount and group by campaign name.


    Go in Setup –> Object Manager –> Campaign —> Button links and Action–> New Button or link.

    Create a detail page link and name it View Lightning Campaign Influence Report.

    Add below Url


    Customize the above url with your report ID[ID of Campaign Influence Lightning report]

    Add this link to the Campaign page layout.


    Woohoo!!!!! You've earned a Super Badge!!!!!


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