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What is Salesforce MVP?

  • What is Salesforce MVP?

    Salesforce MVPs are lifelong learners who go above and beyond to share their expertise and help the entire community blaze trails.


    Salesforce MVPs demonstrate a true leadership spirit and are always reachable for help. They share their knowledge to help others in the ecosystem. They help grow the Salesforce Ohana and help give the right directions to those who want to be part of the ohana.


    Salesforce MVP can have any of the qualities below:


    1. A person who shares his/her knowledge by writing blogs.

    2. A person who is active on social media and shares important resources with everyone.

    3. A person who encourages other trailblazers to achieve their goals.

    4. A person who helps beginners to onboard into the Salesforce ecosystem and be part of the Salesforce Ohana!

    5. A person who mentors other trailblazers.

    6. A person who answers questions asked by others in the community.

    7. A person who contributes his ideas on new features/feature enhancements to Salesforce.


    Salesforce MVP Nominations

    Do you know anyone with any one of the qualities mentioned above who were willing to go above and beyond to help the community? This is the time to nominate and recognize those trailblazers.


    These trailblazers who possess a minimum of one of the qualities mentioned above deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the community and the whole Salesforce ohana.


    Steps to nominate:

    1. You can nominate them now via the link:



    2. Start typing the name of the nominee under the "Start your nomination here" section.


    3. If your nominee is already in the system, click on their name. Otherwise, click New Nomination.



    4. Fill out all the required details for the nominee. You need to enter all the details marked with Asterix following the next screens until the process is complete.


    5. Verify all the nominee info on this screen and fill in any missing information like StackExchange profile, blog, etc.



    6.  Fill in the details regarding why do you think the nominee deserves to be a Salesforce MVP.



    7. You're all done nominating a possible future Salesforce MVP!

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