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SFDCConnect Blogging Champion Contest

  • Calling all Salesforce bloggers!!


    Here's an opportunity for you all to share your expertise & knowledge with fellow trailblazers via Blog.

    Yup!! It's time to showcase your blogging skills!


    SFDCConnect brings you a monthly Salesforce blogging competition. It's as simple as writing a blog on sfdcconnect and sharing it with your contacts/network.

    You can write a blog on any Salesforce topic and there’s no restriction on the number of blogs you can write for the competition. Every single blog will be counted as a unique entry for the contest. However, you have to also take care of the minimum blog quality standards defined below:

    1. High-quality content correctly categorized under one of the available topics.
    2. Add appropriate tags for the blogs you write.
    3. The blog should contain at least 1 image.
    4. The blog should contain a minimum of 700 words.


    Here are the steps to participate in the competition: 

    1. Head over to and create your free account.
    2. While you're logged in, navigate to “Blogs” -> “Write New Entry” section of the website.
    3. Enter all the details presented on the screen & remember to change the status to Published before you finalize your blog otherwise it will be saved as a draft and will not be visible to others. NOTE: You may leave the Networks selection blank for now.
    4. Share your blog entry with everyone on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter using the hashtag: “#SFBloggingChampion”.


    We will manually go through each entry and select the blogs during the last week of every month based on the below parameters:

    1. Reach/popularity of the blog (views, likes, etc.).
    2. Content quality of the blog (easy to understand, blog size, proper categorization, images, etc).


    There will be a #SFBloggingChampion announced every month on LinkedIn, Twitter & our Facebook page. The blogging champions will get custom-designed SFDCConnect #SFBloggingChampion goodies. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re in, you will get your goodies delivered at your doorstep! 

    Mark your calendar because the blogging contest is starting Today & there will be a #SFBloggingChampion selected each month!


    Since this is a monthly contest, there are very high chances that you could be the next SFDCConnect #SFBloggingChampion...

    So, what are you waiting for? Put on your creative hat and start writing!

    Happy Blogging!



    SFDCConnect Team