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What You Get

Let’s create a culture of inclusiveness and togetherness within Salesforce.
SFDCConnect’s commitment is to create equal opportunities for everyone.

Upload, watch and share videos

Upload, watch and share videos

Post and share videos with your community members, friends, or with anyone, on computers, phones and tablets.

Salient Features

Salient Features

We have an array of unique features that even the largest companies don't offer! We cover the 3 most important aspects of a social network - Data security, Availability across devices, and Granular user privacy options.

Salient Features

Mobile Ready

We use PWA (progressive Web App) technology to deliver best in class mobile experience when you visit SFDCConnect from mobile.


SFDCConnect is highly flexible and can be used to connect, chat & share knowledge.

Broadcast Knowledge

We provide you a platform to broadcast your knowledge around the world.


We provide you a platform to buy & sell your items online.


You have the flexibility to select your privacy settings for each and everything you share in the community. This gives you total control over the things that you share on SFDCConnect.


Do you love: Making connections? Chatting? Blogging? Sharing photos & videos? Sharing knowledge? Asking questions to experts? SFDCConnect has you covered for all your needs.


We have a complete End-to-End encryption that stores your data in an encrypted form that makes it almost impossible for attackers to read your data from the server.

All In One Solution

We have built an all in one stop for everything related to Salesforce while being connected with the Salesforce Ohana.

Visually Appealing

We have a very simple and attractive UI that lets you accomplish your tasks in fewest clicks possible.

How are we different?




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Admins, Developers & Consultants


Technical/Solution Architects

Get connected with a network of Salesforce Professionals today!

Popular Events

Popular Events

It’s important to plan some events and turn your imagination into reality. Events are a great way to let people gather at a common place with some common interests where they can create some magical and beautiful moments to cherish.

Mobile Apps

Download our mobile apps to stay connected on the go via mobile devices with your own Salesforce Ohana!

Recent Blogs

Recent Blogs

You’re a part of this world and you’re responsible for your actions and reactions. Put forward your thoughts boldly and express your views on others’ thoughts. We all are the members of the family named “World”.
February 2, 2021
The term 'Private Cloud infrastructure' or Private Cloud Utility was first discussed by Douglas Parkhill in his book in the year 1966. The main objective behind his project was to introduce a direct comparison concept within other industries and identify ...

Latest Members

Latest Members

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